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A strategic narrative studio for climate companies

Clearly explain what you do, who for, and what change you're answering to

Let's get your story straight.
After working with us, you'll have:

North Star

A North Star that guides all decisions and functions


Increased trust in investors, partners, and customers


HUGE differentiation that eliminates the competition


A movement created around your product or service

Are people scratching their heads after you explain your solution?

These people could be investors, clients, potential partners, or your mom

The way we were taught to present

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Which leads to

  • Redundant questions about your product
  • Needed clarification on technical jargon
  • Q&A session that doesn't reach it's full potential
  • Your listener being confused for over half of your presentation

If your listener is confused for over half of your presentation

You are missing out on funding, potential customers, revenue, or the chance for another meeting

Instead, frame your solution in a narrative

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Take your listener on an easy to understand journey 

Which leads to

Investments, customers, productive meetings and pitches, revenue, differentiation, category dominance, etc.

Remove the knowledge gap and own your category faster

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Don't just take our word for it

“Nothing short of amazing. Allison’s concepts are sharp, creative, and professional. She is an absolute gem.”
Betsy M.
“Allison is a skilled and observant consultant who pushes herself to think beyond the limits to deliver quality work. She explores problems from multiple angles to identify the best solution for the problem at hand.”
Felicia A.
“Allison’s ability to balance accuracy with speed and her openness to feedback made her a dream to work with. I'd hire her again in a heartbeat.”
Sarah R.

How Novel works

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Small team

We devise a small, focused, and productive team of your choosing. This could be your co-founder, CMO, CTO, etc.


You can't build a narrative overnight. Our engagement will last six weeks.

Meet 2-3x a week

We set up meeting blocks that work for you.


We will utilize our SHIFTT framework as the guiding tool to create your strategic narrative.

Fractional team member

Allison will act as a fractional team member to ensure the best quality of work and success.

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Just an email is required
Walks through the core ideas
Actionable information
A new way to think about your strategy

Your burning questions

What will the narrative live in?

We will create your strategic narrative in your sales deck. This will replace your current deck and allow for easy distribution.

Will I always need the deck to talk about our strategy?

No. Our process is designed so that you can explain your strategy to anyone in conversation.

How long is the engagement?

6 weeks. But we will work with you until all parties are happy.

How will we work together?

Virtually and/or in-person. Allison is happy to travel to your headquarters to kick the first 1-2 meetings off. Otherwise, all meetings and check-ins will be held virtually.

What is a strategic narrative?

A singular idea that is easy to explain and understand. It's also company-wide strategy that lives at the core and aligns everyone around a singular goal.

Do you have a guarantee?

Of course! We will work with you beyond the engagement until we're both happy with the end product.

Meet your expert

Agency chick turned entrepreneur
Allison Clinton
Allison has over ten years of experience in the Creative field working with key leadership and executives. She's worked with brands large and small, spanning from telecommunications to car manufacturers to the city of St. Louis.

Her background in creative strategy, marketing, and business has provided her with the perfect concoction of experience to understand strategic narratives in business and how to implement them.

Allison has helped produce and coordinate numerous high-profile events for AT&T and AB InBev, working with C-suite executives and key leadership. She's generated a total of over 323 million media impressions across multiple campaigns.

Supported a successful campaign that led to a 521% surge in website traffic.

Played an integral role in a creative campaign that resulted in an 89% increase in visits to a cross-country state in the US, significantly improving the location's positive outlook by 93%.

Contributed to numerous successful RFPs, resulting in substantial revenue generation, while also managing and maintaining hundreds of assets for Fortune 50 and 100 clients to ensure consistent brand representation.